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The Junior and Senior Stewards are the lowest offices in the lodge and due to this they perform many of the little duties that must be done in order to prepare for a lodge. For example, the Senior and Junior Stewards often prepare the lodge room before opening ceremonies and before events. Officially, they are the assistants of The Junior Warden, but they may be asked to do any number of errands and small jobs for the lodge. They may act as wait staff or kitchen help and usually are responsible for helping new candidates as well. The good news is that after a year or two, Senior and Junior Stewards can expect to move up to Junior Warden offices and to higher offices after that.

Like the Deacons, the Senior and Junior Stewards carry rods which have their jewels of office. The jewels of office for the Senior and Junior Stewards are horns of plenty (also known as cornucopias). These symbolize the refreshments and the food that the Senior and Junior Stewards may be serving and preparing for the lodge. They also symbolize the fruits of labor, since the Senior and Junior Stewards do tend to labor more than other offices.

Although the duties of the Senior and Junior Stewards are very similar, there are a few differences. The Senior Steward is an appointed officer and is in charge of helping The Junior Deacon learn his position, and in this the Senior Steward is somewhat of a supervisor. The Senior Stewart can also replace The Junior Deacon when The Junior Deacon is absent. The Junior Deacon is meant to help The Senior Deacon and he is more responsible for new candidates, acting almost like a mentor or teacher figure in some cases.

The Senior and Junior Stewards have several duties:

1) Performing any duties requires by a higher officer (usually minor errands).

2) Getting the lodge ready for the opening of the lodge and Mason functions and events. This may involve setting items up, ensuring general cleanliness and so forth.

3) Act as The Junior Warden's assistants, helping The Junior Warden with his job and duties as needed.

4) Help new candidates. While The Senior Deacon is in charge of overseeing the new candidates, it is generally the Senior and Junior Stewards who actually prepare new candidates and escort them to the lodge room, where The Senior Deacon is waiting to assist them further.

5) Perform general kitchen duties. In some lodges, Senior and Junior Stewards are responsible for serving food, tidying up after refreshments, and taking care of any kitchen duties as needed.

Since lodges vary widely, the duties of Senior and Junior Stewards may vary somewhat. Some Senior and Junior Stewards, for example, do not need to take care of kitchen duties because kitchen staff is hired or food is ordered to the lodge.

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