Masonic Rituals for the Master Masons Degree

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The Masonic ritual for the Master mason degree is similar in some respects to the rituals for the entered apprentice, fellowcraft, and other degrees. The candidate prepares for the degree by learning more about Masonry and by learning the ritual so that he can answer the questions placed to him in the correct language. The lodge is opened and The Worshipful Master announces that the degree will be conferred. If no one has any objections, the candidate seeks and is granted admittance to the lodge.

The candidate is in the preparation room until entering the lodge. He is expected to be “divested of all metals, neither naked nor clothed, barefoot nor shod, hoodwinked, with a cable-tow three times around my body, in which condition I was conducted to the door of the Lodge by a brother.” He is usually dressed as a Fellowcraft mason. The Worshipful Master asks whether the candidate is ready for the Master Mason degree and The Senior Deacon answers on behalf of the candidate for most questions. The Senior Deacon also gives the candidate’s password -- Tubal Cain.—on behalf of the candidate.

The Senior Warden faces the candidate to the East and gives directions on the proper foot positions and movements, which the candidate must follow: ” Brother, you will step off with your left foot one full step, and bring the heel of your right in the hollow of your left foot; now step off with your right foot, and bring the heel of your left in the hollow of your right foot; now step off with your left foot, and bring both heels together.” Once this is done, the candidate is asked to approach the altar, kneel on both naked knees and place both hands on the Bible and square and compasses. The candidate must then repeat the oath or obligation of the Master Mason. This changes by lodge and area, but often is similar to the oaths for the other degrees. The candidate swears to act like a Freemason at all times, to uphold the duties and protect the secrets of Freemasonry and to help other masons if they need it. The oath also includes a promise to never give the High Signal (for distress) in vain and never to harm another mason. Once the oath has been given, the candidate kisses the bible. The Worshipful Master gives the candidate the grip or handshake of the Master Mason.

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