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Most Masons celebrate Freemasonry by joining a Lodge and pursuing the orders or degrees of Freemasonry. However, many Masons today are proud of their affiliation and choose to express it by buying and displaying certain Masonic collectibles and accessories – such as Masonic key chains, cufflinks, bumper stickers, custom Masonic aprons, and much more. Some Masons decide to celebrate the history of Freemasonry by collecting historical pieces.

Types of Masonic collectibles

If you wish to start your own collection of Masonic artifacts, you have many pieces in a wide array of price ranges to choose from. The most prized collectibles are antique ceremonial Masonic swords, which represent a considerable investment. These pieces are quite rare and in many cases have considerable historical value. Other higher-end Masonic collectibles include Masonic art, older Masonic rings, watches, and more.

However, you do not have to spend a considerable amount of money to bring a little bit of Freemasonry into your home. There are many modern reproductions of Masonic tie pins, lapel pins, Masonic Bibles, key chains, paperweights, and more. These accessories and collectibles are often embossed with the famous square and compass and come in a range of prices. These more modern collectibles are a good way to show your interest in Freemasonry without seeking antiques.

Where to buy Masonic collectibles

Many Masons collect Masonic accessories and collectibles, so networking with fellow masons is a good way to find collectors who are willing to sell you pieces from their collections. Some Masons even organize special groups for sharing and selling collectibles. The Masonic Philatelic Club in the UK, for example, is a Masonic stamp collecting club. If you wish to collect stamps relating to Freemasonry, this is a great resource.

Many Masons also go online to buy and sell collectibles and accessories related to Freemasonry. When buying online, however, always check the reputation and reliability of the online retailer. Not all retailers are scrupulous about selling authentic items. Online shopping is often not the best way to buy high-end Masonic collectibles. If you are very lucky, though, you may find great bargains on auction sites if you know what to look for.

Antique and specialty retailers in your area are another great way to buy. Antique dealers can be a good resource for buying historical Masonic collectibles, because dealers can often attend auctions on your behalf and can find specific items you are looking for. Of course, you can also attend estate sales and auctions on your own. If the items sold belonged to a Mason, there may be some collectibles in the lot.

What to look for in Masonic collectibles

What you will be looking for in Masonic collectibles and accessories will depend largely on why you are collecting in the first place. If you are looking for historical pieces that will appreciate in value, you will want to look for older Masonic collectibles, especially ones that have been associated with famous Masons and famous Lodges. You can also seek out hand-made and custom collectibles that are one-of-a-kind. When buying these pieces, however, you will need to have them verified for authenticity. If you just want to collect to celebrate Freemasonry, any of the collectible items embossed with the square and compass emblems are appropriate. Simply select something that you like.

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